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Important Tips for Keeping Your Vehicle's Diesel Engine in Good Condition

by آیلین حیدری

A diesel engine is often called the workhorse of engines because these engines are known to be strong and powerful and they better for hauling heavy loads than for achieving high speeds. A diesel engine can also get better fuel economy than a standard petrol engine, since a diesel engine uses heat as well as fuel for power.

While diesels are often stronger and more powerful than standard gasoline engines, they still need some care in order for them to stay in good condition and to run optimally. Note a few tips on protecting and maintaining your vehicle's diesel engine so you know it will always run as it should and will get the best fuel economy possible as well.


You may not think much of bugs getting stuck in the engine compartment of your vehicle, but any such build-up can cause an engine to overheat, especially a diesel engine, as it often runs hotter than a standard petrol engine. If you drive your vehicle in very rural areas or on highways with lots of bugs, consider getting a protective grill installed over the front of the vehicle and rinsing it often. This will trap those bugs and ensure proper air circulation around the engine, keeping it cool and running as it should.


It's good to only buy top-quality fuel for your diesel engine, as low-quality fuel may have additives that break down while in the engine. Low-quality fuel may also not burn cleanly and may leave residue behind. This can damage the engine and cause it to run hotter, which also causes excessive wear and tear. Use a name brand fuel for your diesel engine and clean the engine with an additive as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer to keep the engine from suffering early wear and tear.

Glow plugs

Glow plugs are installed in diesel engines to provide a small amount of heat near the engine so the vehicle can start even when the temperature is very cold. If the glow plugs installed in your vehicle should fail, or not stay as warm as they should, the vehicle's engine may struggle to start, much like a standard petrol engine may struggle to start when it has older spark plugs. It's good to have these glow plugs checked regularly to ensure they're working as they should and to replace them or their wiring as needed. This will mean less wear and tear on the diesel engine when starting it in colder weather and less damage to the engine overall.

For more information and tips on caring for your diesel engine, contact a local diesel engine service.