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Check These Areas of a Used Car Before Buying

by آیلین حیدری

If you are thinking about buying a new vehicle, you probably already know that inspecting the vehicle beforehand is important. In addition to taking a test drive and making sure it runs smoothly, you should also make sure to check these important areas of the vehicle.

Mechanical System

The mechanical system, including the engine and transmission, is one of the most important parts of a vehicle to check. Not only is it necessary to ensure the car is in good condition and will last a while, but because if there is something wrong with the mechanical system in a car, it tends to be a much more expensive repair. With the engine, look for signs of a leak of oil, visible corrosion about the engine or battery terminals, or smoke coming out of the exhaust when starting the car. Also look at the transmission to see if it is clean or corroded and whether or not there are delays when you are driving the vehicle.


The tyres might seem more like a minor thing to check since they aren't difficult to replace, but this shouldn't be something you do right after buying a vehicle. It should really be up to the seller to have good tyres when selling their vehicle. Having old tyres with bad tread or damage in the sidewalls shows a lack of care for their vehicle, which might mean they have slacked on other routine maintenance as well. It is typically a red flag when you are shopping around for a used car.


Make sure you check the brakes of the vehicle, or if you don't know what to look for, bring a mechanic friend with you who can inspect them. You definitely don't want to buy a car with bad brake pads or rotors that you then have to pay to replace. The brakes could go out while driving the car, which puts you and other people in danger. Not to mention this is another thing the seller of the vehicle should be responsible for. If you do notice that the brakes will need to be replaced soon, you can probably save money with wholesale brakes. If this is really the only thing wrong with the car, consider whether you will replace them yourself, but request a lower cost to buy the car, or pass on the car completely.

Also ensure you check the exterior of the car thoroughly for any potential red flags in the body.