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Diesel Engine Malfunction: Where To Go For Repairs?

by آیلین حیدری

Diesel automobile engines are made up of several moving parts. The harmonious interaction between the various moving parts facilitates the smooth running of the engine. At times, however, the interaction between moving parts is less than harmonious. Often, when this harmony is lost, the end result is broken and/or damaged engine components. In the worst case scenario, the diesel engine will malfunction.

When this happens, should a malfunctioned diesel engine be repaired at a dealership service centre or should motorists stick to the local auto repair shop down the street? Here are two insights.

Consider The Cost And Quality Of Spare Parts

A number of diesel engine spare parts may be required in order to revive a malfunctioned engine. Damaged components of the engine and those that show signs of excessive wear will have to be replaced. Thus, the question of cost and quality of spare parts should feature prominently in the decision on where to go for engine repairs.

At a dealership service centre, diesel-engine vehicle owners are guaranteed that they'll get Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) spare parts. OEM spare parts are often of higher quality than their aftermarket counterparts commonly sold by third party dealers.

Considering that the vehicle owner may have to purchase several spare parts, the cost of dealership repair for a malfunctioned engine can be overwhelming.  Local auto repair shops often stock used vehicle spare parts for the penny-conscious vehicle owner.

Used spare parts are bound to be of lower quality than new OEM spares. However, the fact that used parts are cheaper means that a vehicle owner will spend less on the acquisition of spares for the malfunctioned engine.

Consider The Level Of Expertise

One advantage that dealership service centres continue to have over third party auto repair shops is that the technicians and mechanics at a dealership centre are trained to maintain, service and repair specific vehicle models by the manufacturer. Vehicle manufacturers do this by sponsoring professional development programs for the mechanics and technicians.

At a dealership service centre, a malfunctioned engine will be handled by a technician trained by someone who had a hand in building the engine. In contrast, the mechanic at a third party auto repair shop is likely to have the basic training required to undertake repairs on standard diesel engines as opposed to a specific diesel engine model.

With the information discussed above in mind, it is up to you to decide what's the best place to take a malfunctioned diesel engine for repairs.